Is it Haram to Celebrate Christmas?


Most Christians believe the holiday falls on or around the time Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was born. But why is it that Muslims don’t celebrate the festive holiday? Some have the misconception that Muslims don’t believe in Prophet Jesus. On the contrary, Muslims believe in all the prophets of Allah and especially hold Jesus very high.

In chapter 5, verse 76 of the Qur’an, God says, “Surely Allah gives you good news with a word from Him of whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, worthy of regard in this world and the hereafter.” This shows that we too believe that Prophet Jesus was the Messiah. Interestingly, Jesus’ name is mentioned more times in the Qur’an than that of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The only difference is that Muslims don’t believe Prophet Jesus is the son of God or that Jesus died on the cross and rose to the heavens.

Even though Muslims don’t take part in the traditional Christmas festivities, they happily share in the joy of our fellow neighbours, colleagues, classmates and friends.

The Qur’an teaches us that though we may have differing beliefs we can all live together in peace and harmony.

So when you bake your holiday cookies, don’t hesitate to pass a batch over to your Muslim neighbour.

Merry Christmas!

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