2019 Smart Phones Durability Awards


There’s a sort of tug of war going on inside every smartphone manufacturer. On the one hand, they want to create a device that won’t easily break and give their brand a bad rap. On the other hand, they want consumers to upgrade to new models often.

But here we are going to see the durability of all the smart phones of year 2019.

Most Repairable Smart Phone

 This award is going to be with Pixel 3a. It has a plastic back and its screen can easily be taken off with in 4,5 minutes because of the only 2 screws.

Least Repairable Smart Phone

The least repairable phone of 2019 is Royole Felexpai. This phone is not repairable at any cost because of its frigid build. Whatever gets break, its gone!

Runners up of least repairable phones are from the company which has a revenue of dollar 53.8 million in 2019. Apple goes out of the way to make it difficult to repair iPhone. The permanently attaching back glass panels is something really hard to take it off. The other reason is of its cost which is around 599 dollar only for the glass.

Most Innovated Smart Phone

It’s super difficult to pick the most innovated smart phone of 2019. There are foldable phone, with popup camera, phone with cooling fans installed inside phone. There are some phone with comes with a projector as well. But, the most innovated phone of 2019 is nubia Z20 which has screen on both sides with triple camera setup.

Least Durable Smart Phone

Redmi Note 7 is the least Durable smart phone of 2019 along with pixel 4 xl because of the built quality is really substandard. Remember any cell phone can have a better durability by just adding a case and a screen protector.

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