Good News for iPhone Lovers!


What is it that makes Apple so desirable and so special? How does the company keep up its formidable status even decades after the introduction of its first desktop computers, and what is it about the company that inspires such excitement and loyalty among its customers?

These are the questions that pops up in our mind when we talk about Apple.

iPhone launched its first iPhone way back in June, 29, 2007 with IOS 1. The initial cost of IPhone was $499/$599. Till now Apple has released twelve generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the twelve major releases of the iOS operating system and the latest iPhone is iPhone 11, 11 pro and Pro max.

But, As the company seeks to fill a broader portion of the worldwide smartphone market before its 5G phones later in 2020, Apple Inc. suppliers reportedly intend to start putting together a new low-cost iPhone next month.

The new device is believed to possess Touch ID in its home button, which would make use of technology that Apple already has in lieu of choosing a fingerprint sensor that is in the display similar to most Android competitors. It will have the same processor as the iPhone 11, Apple’s current flagship device, but will not have the Face ID biometric authentication.

The phone would be the first lower-cost version of the iPhone as of the iPhone SE. It will have a 4.7-inch display and have a similar appearance to 2017’s iPhone 8. A less expensive offering could help the tech company better contend with fast-growing and price-competitive emerging markets. The country is overrun by Android competitors, which are priced at under $200.

Apple’s more affordable iPhones have proven popular with consumers, including the latest iPhone 11, whose starting price was $50 lower than Apple’s typical pricing. Strong demand for iPhones has prompted Apple to ask Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to make more chips in the current quarter.

Apple is hoping its hardship its handset shipments will return to growth this year, having set itself the goal of shipping more than 200 million units in 2020. The successor to the iPhone SE will play a significant role in that task.

Will low budget iPhone be able to capture the market? A big challenge for Apple.

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