Sale! Sale! Sale – Why buy in full price ?


Sale! Sale! Sale! Everywhere you go; every hoarding you see; it seems that sales ranging in all percentages are in full swing. Be it designer houses that have recently made it big in the so-called mass consumer market, or the over-efficient replica producers that have had the major chunk of their work done by these designers, everyone wants to empty their shelves before the launch of their subsequent collections.

Now this poses certain very provocative questions. Why buy in full price when you can get it in half before the season is out? Why invest in a designer outfit when you can find certain better-than-the-original replicas at a fraction of the cost? Why buy it at all, when replicas have completely eradicated the concepts of exclusivity? Should there even be a concept of exclusivity in a 3rd world consumer market?

Now some would argue since we have no copyrights laws, so everything is fair game. But don’t we all have a certain moral obligation to respect artists’ intellectual property? Or should we make art available to the masses as was believed by Van Gogh? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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