MariaB Sateen Collection (Review)


Price Range        :               Rs. 9450 – Rs. 10650
Color Range        :               Vibrant

Maria B. is set to launch her Sateen Collection on January 18th, with pre booking commencing four days in advance of the actual launch. As is customary for any of the collections, most of the codes are completely sold out within the first thirty minutes of the collection going live on the website. Not to mention a multitude of home-based sellers, who’ve already taken confirmation for orders that have been reserved simply on the basis of the pictures available on social media. Except this time, it didn’t! The entire collection received a very cold reception. Now, could that be due to the abhorrent cold, or is it because people are so saturated by yet another collection amongst the multifarious launchings currently that it somehow failed to have a behemoth impact. Or maybe, this is just a slow time of the year when it comes to upgrading wardrobes.

Moving onto the collection, its an eclectic mix of colours with a variety of embroidery and embellishments. But Maria B. has managed to convey her signature style very effectively. The collection is an amalgamation of boho-chic outlines, flowing silhouettes and a starkly contrasting colour palette that has been brought together very harmoniously. The dresses are festive in an understated manner, allowing the wearer room for glamming them up with appropriate accessories and styling to suit the occasion. Considering the dresses, the price tag falls in the average category with most dresses giving maximum value for money. So if you’re looking for a not-too-in-your-face formal outfit for the upcoming festive season, Sateen presents some fresh and subtle options.

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