Is 5G making its way to Pakistan?


Technology companies are promising to change people’s lives with super-fast wireless mobile networks.

While this technology is considered revolutionary, it’s also going to be expensive as carriers will have to upgrade their infrastructures in order for 5G to travel on super high frequencies airwaves. They can’t travel through walls, windows and get weaker over long distances.

In Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has already issued six-month 5G test licences to mobile operators Jazz and Zong, allowing them to conduct limited trials on a non-commercial basis.

In order to define the roadmap and finalise recommendations for the introduction of 5G technology in Pakistan, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has constituted an advisory committee.
The committee will develop a strategic plan and roadmap for 5G technology in Pakistan with the formulation of working groups for 5G spectrum management, telecom infrastructure development, telecom regulations review including health and safety and 5G applications and use cases.

Definitely 5G will be far better than 4G in every aspect but it’s going to be a very expensive and challenging thing for the Telco sector.

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