Digital Marketing – Common Mistakes we make


Digital marketing evolves rapidly, and you often find yourself trying out new tools and tactics daily. When you’re constantly venturing into uncharted territory, you’re bound to make mistakes. Don’t sweat it; making mistakes is how you learn.

The mistakes listed here are more about your mind-set than they are about a tactical error.

  1. Ignoring Social Media Insights

Every social media platform is offering detail insights. Our duty doesn’t finish once we are done with posting; it’s where it all starts. Digital Marketing team must focus on detail insight of each & every post. Few important check points are:

  1. Organic reach of Post
  2. Engagement
  3. Clicks on the post
  4. Average likes you are getting on your post.
  • Failing to talk about customers

People are not interested in your product. They are interested how your product will change their life or transform them in a meaningful way.

  • Building Assets on Social Media Only

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media tools medium to market your product but getting dependent on them is a big mistake. These platforms can, and will, change their rules from time to time, and those changes may not be in your favour. Always look to migrate to your connections to assets you have more control over.

  • Focus on Quantity instead of Quality

That said, the Internet does lack remarkable content, and if you can provide it, you will get traction from it. Instead of posting pictures, albums and posts every 2nd hour you should focus on putting that energy in creating single remarkable post.

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