L’Oreal Lipstick Gadget – Amazing


Loreal is continuing to advance into the tech space with the announcement of its Bluetooth-connected Perso — a gadget that will mix up lipstick, foundation, or a skincare regimen that is customized to whoever owns it.

The demo app that the company had at CES is stocked with a preloaded bank of images, but a spokesperson informed that it will be officially available in 2021. It will let people will be able to hook up their social media accounts and get color inspiration from there. The idea is that you can match whatever your favorite influencer is wearing or re-create a specific look.

You can preview that color on yourself using augmented reality before committing to making it. Once you decide to create that color, the Perso uses three swappable color cartridges to squirt out the right amount of each color that, when mixed together, create your desired look. The cartridges should supply enough lipstick for 30 applications.

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